Piaristen und Gymnasiasten
Piaristen und Gymnasiasten
Heinrich Pleticha (ed.)

Piaristen und Gymnasiasten

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Strangely, one aspect of bygone Prague life seems to have escaped researchers in their many accounts: Prague was not only a university city but also home to some of the most important schools in the Habsburg Empire. Prague’s hard school benches were adorned by a series of figures who would later gather international fame, and it was here that they gained the insights they would later incorporate into their work. Heinrich Pleticha has collected some of the most interesting texts on this subject (by Fritz Mauthner, Egon Erwin Kisch and Franz Werfel among others); the jewel in the crown being the Meyeriade by Oskar Kraus – the philosopher’s account of grammar school life was published in hundreds of thousands of copies at the time, but is now known only to a small circle of experts.