Minicalendar Erotic Art 2025
Minicalendar Erotic Art 2025

Minicalendar Erotic Art 2025

  • 7,5 x 10 cm, 13 pages
  • ISBN 978-389919-889-8
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Vitalis mini calendars make a perfect souvenir or a colourful gift at a great price. They feature major paintings, ideal for art lovers; stunning views from dreamy destinations; or glorious photos from all walks of life. Flick through a mini calendar and admire the images, send them to friends, give them as gifts, or keep your mini calendar on your desk for a splash of colour all year round. Mini calendars can even be sent instead of a postcard as they slip into the smallest of envelopes; they’re also the perfect size for a handbag so that you can remind yourself of iconic scenes viewed from a bus or a café with friends at any time you like.

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