Einmal ein großer Zeichner
Einmal ein großer Zeichner

Einmal ein großer Zeichner

Franz Kafka als bildender Künstler
With drawings by Franz Kafka
  • 19 x 25 cm, 112 pages
  • paperback with flaps, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-188-2
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When we speak of the work of Franz Kafka (1883-1924), we instinctively think of his literary work. It is less well known that Kafka also loved to draw. From early on his friend and literary executor Max Brod was of the opinion that Kafka was ‘an artist of particular strength and individuality as a draughtsman too’ and that it was unjust merely to regard his drawings as a ‘curiosity’. This book brings together the author's drawings, accompanied by the relevant texts, providing a unique and comprehensive documentation.

“... an attractively laid out book. The large-format reproductions of the drawings are presented face to face with appropriate passages from Kafka's writings, diaries and letters, so that the interplay between contemplating the images and our impressions of the texts provides an insight into Kafka's productive imagination.“ (Hartmut Binder, Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Contents Contents

♦ Drawings

♦ The Thinker
♦ Man among Bars
♦ Man with Walking Stick
♦ Man with Head on Table
♦ Man by Standing Mirror
♦ Seated Man with Bowed Head
♦ Fencer
♦ Runner
♦ Three Runners
♦ ‘The Dancer Eduardova […] on a Tram Accompanied by Two Violinists’
♦ Man Walking on Hands and Feet
♦ Jockey on Horse
♦ Coach and Horses
♦ ‘Scenes from my Life’
♦ No Appetite
♦ ‘Walking Arm in Arm’
♦ ‘Something of my “Preoccupations”’
♦ ‘Japanese Entertainers’
♦ Acrobats
♦ Man among Mythical Creatures
♦ Snake Woman
♦ Protest March
♦ Walking Figures – Sedan Chair by River and Tree
♦ Goethe’s ‘Garden House at Stern’
♦ Bell Tower, Probably in Osteno
♦ Church and Houses in Gandria – Fountain in San Margherita
♦ ‘A Bridge Like That’
♦ Gaming Table in the Spa Casino, Lucerne
♦ Living Conditions at the Villa Tatra, Tatranské Matliare
♦ ‘Petitioner and Noble Patron’
♦ Abraham Sacrificing his Son Isaac
♦ Man at Table, Landlady Behind the Wall
♦ Woman’s Head and Horse’s Leg
♦ Maltreated Man in front of a Table, with Onlookers
♦ Grumpy Man in Black Suit
♦ The Wild Drinker
♦ Out for a Walk Without Trousers on the Roof
♦ Two People Waiting
♦ ‘Ottla’s Mid-Morning Snack’
♦ Dora Diamant
♦ Mother Kafka Reading – Self-Portrait

♦ About the Drawings
♦ Kafka: ‘A Great Draughtsman’
♦ Editorial Remarks
♦ Commentary on the Drawings and Texts
♦ Known but Unavailable Drawings
♦ Authentic Models for Kafka’s Drawings
♦ Literature and Abbreviations Used
♦ Notes