With illustrations by Karel Hruška and an afterword on the creation and impact of the text
  • 13 x 21 cm, 80 pages
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Kafka’s little meditations form something previously unknown in German literature; I know no model.

Hans Kohn in Selbstwehr (Dec. 20, 1912)

This appears to be the way that leads to Parnassus: something like this is profound and fashioned with a most sensitive touch.

Kurt Tucholsky in Prager Tagblatt (Jan. 1, 1913)

Stylistically unbelieveably mature, with the facility of the French masters, rhythmic as the lamentations of lonely young women ...

Otto Pick in Bohemia (Jan. 30, 1913)

I can well imagine someone who comes upon this book and from that moment on, changes his life and becomes a different person.

Max Brod in März (Feb. 15, 1913)

Contents Contents

♦ Children on the Country Road
♦ Unmasking of a Confidence Man
♦ The Unexpected Stroll
♦ Resolutions
♦ Excursion to the Mountains
♦ A Bachelor´s Misfortune
♦ The Merchant
♦ Looking Out Absentmindedly
♦ The Way Home
♦ The Passers-by
♦ The Passenger
♦ Clothes
♦ The Rejection
♦ Some Thoughts for Amateur Jockeys
♦ Window onto the Street
♦ The Wish to Become an Indian
♦ The Trees
♦ Being Unhappy

♦ The Creation and Impact of the Text
♦ Albert Ehrenstein on Kafka´s Meditation
♦ Notes

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