Brief an den Vater
Brief an den Vater

Brief an den Vater

Illustrated with drawings by Franz Kafka and including an afterword on the creation and impact of the text
  • 13 x 21 cm, 92 pages
  • hardback, thread-stitching, ribbon
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-592-7
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The Letter to Father (1919) was never sent but is considered the key to Franz Kafka’s (1883-1924) literary work. This impressive testimony to a dramatic father-son conflict is an exceptional document in world literature. At once an indictment and a self-analysis, it gives the reader an insight into the complex inner life of its author. In a vivid captivating style, Kafka attempts to settle accounts with his authoritarian father, who appeared to him so tyrannical and omnipotent that he could write: “Sometimes I imagine the map of the world spread out and you stretched diagonally across it.”

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♦ Letter to Father
♦ The Creation and Impact of the Text