Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Sein Leben in Wort und Bild
With colour illustrations throughout
  • 15 x 21 cm, 104 pages
  • paperback with flaps, embossed, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-553-8
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€ 12,50 (D)€ 12,90 (Ö)

Egon Schiele had many faces: the exceptionally talented artistic genius; the sensitive creator of peaceful landscapes and the shameless narcissist, who produced no fewer than 170 self-portraits; and the perpetual child and sex maniac, in whose studio young women and girls lifted their skirts. His work undoubtedly ranks him among the greatest artists of the Modern age. His scandal-prone life is the stuff of legend, immortalised in novels and films. But who was the real Egon Schiele? Featuring over 150 illustrations, this fascinating book paints a portrait of one of the most intriguing artistic personalities of the 20th century. Step by step, we follow Schiele through his life – from childhood to his happy interlude in Krummau, from the crisis of his arrest to the artistic triumph that came only shortly before his death aged just 28.

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