Wanderer, kommst du nach Prag
Wanderer, kommst du nach Prag

Wanderer, kommst du nach Prag

Illustrated by Václav Jansa
  • 13 x 21 cm, 240 pages
  • hardback, thread-stitching, ribbon
  • ISBN 978-3-93477-441-4
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It would be hard to find another city in Europe so overflowing with stories, tales, and legends as the Old City of Prague. They tell of emperors and kings, saints and heretics, sorcerers and fools, grand figures in history and notorious ghosts. Heinrich Pleticha has brought them back to life in 140 short stories, accompanying the reader on a stroll through the Golden City. Atmospheric colour images by the Prague painter Václav Jansa further enhance the charm of this original and informative travel guide.

The Infant Jesus of Prague • The Foundation of Prague • Libussa and Premysl • The First Defenestration • Hašek and his “Good Soldier Schwejk” • The Great Blood Court of Prague • St Prokop and the Devil • The Flight of the Winter King • Tycho Brahe and the Bells • The Death of Rabbi Löw • The Foundation of the New Town and much more.

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