Der Prager Golem
Der Prager Golem
Harald Salfellner (ed.)

Der Prager Golem

Jüdische Sagen aus dem Ghetto
Illustrated by Hugo Steiner
  • 15 x 21 cm, 64 pages
  • paperback, adhesive binding, dust jacket
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-582-8
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Prague has been one of the most significant cities in European Judaism for many centuries. Alongside notable buildings such as the Old-New Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery and the Jewish Town Hall, there are the stories, myths and legends of the old, mysterious ghetto. These stories about the wise Rabbi Loew, the Golem and wealthy Mordecai Maisel allow us to visualize the long lost world of Jewish Prague.

Contents Contents

♦ How the Jews came to Bohemia
♦ The Old-New Synagogue of Prague
♦ Mordecai Maisel
♦ The Quiet Jew
♦ Rabbi Loew’s Engagement
♦ Rabbi Loew, the Benefactor of the Jews in Prague
♦ The Wine Merchant and his Coachman
♦ Beleles Street
♦ The Creation of the Golem
♦ The Torah Scroll that Fell
♦ The Golem is Enraged
♦ The End of the Golem
♦ Rabbi Loew and the Rose
♦ Pinkas Street