Österreichische Märchen
Österreichische Märchen
Harald Salfellner (ed.)

Österreichische Märchen

aus alten Schriften gesammelt
Illustrated by Lucie Müllerová
  • 19,5 x 19,5 cm, 48 pages
  • bound in half-linen, embossed in gold, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-147-9
  • In Stock
€ 12,50 (D)€ 12,90 (Ö)

‘Stick on!’ cries the dashing young man who wants to court the Princess, and soon everyone is stuck to his little magic wagon: the sooty chimneysweep, the hearty baker’s boy with his tasty bread rolls, the curious shop girl in her apron – and it will be the same for all lovers of fairytales who pick up this book. It is a journey in seven-league boots through the Austrian countryside, telling the best-loved folk tales along the way from the banks of Lake Neusiedl to the Alpine valleys of Vorarlberg. In Lower Austria a fantastical tree grows up to the sky; in Tyrol a bear is transformed into a handsome Prince; and in Salzburg a magic coffee mill spews out so much wheat that the grains fly out of the chimney. Even the sullen Princess has to laugh heartily, and in the end they all live happily ever after.

Contents Contents

♦ The Giant and the Tailor (Vienna)
♦ The Wonder Tree (Lower Austria)
♦ Wagon ‘Stick On’ (Upper Austria)
♦ King Aschelein (Burgenland)
♦ The Old Grey Horse (Styria)
♦ The Lost Ball of Twine (Carinthia)
♦ Mill, Mill, Grind for Me! (Salzburg)
♦ The Bear (Tyrol)
♦ The Young Count who Travelled in the Underworld (Vorarlberg)

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