Franz Joseph I.
Franz Joseph I.

Franz Joseph I.

Ein Kaiser in Wort und Bild
With many colour illustrations
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Franz Joseph defined his era and exemplified the old Austria. Installed on the throne as a young prince in 1848, he governed the Imperial State with a firm hand, for 68 years. Despite everything that fate threw at him, he was at the helm as the monarchy experienced its final flourish and ultimate decline. He saw the purpose of his office as to protect his people from their politicians. When he departed this life in 1916, the multi-ethnic state lost its most important linchpin. This book recounts the glittering heights and bitterest tragedies of his life with historical astuteness and a certain literary licence. A biography whose beauty is in its brevity.

Contents Contents

♦ Franz Joseph’s Birth
♦ Childhood at Schönbrunn
♦ Revolution in 1848
♦ Military Baptism of Fire in Italy
♦ Accession to the Throne in Olmütz
♦ Attempt to Assassinate the Emperor
♦ Betrothal and Marriage
♦ The Debacle of Solferino
♦ Königgrätz – Farewell to Germany
♦ Coronation in Budapest
♦ Between Germans and Czechs
♦ Emperor Maximilian of Mexico
♦ The Emperor on his Travels
♦ World Exposition and Stock Market Crash
♦ Austria Occupies Bosnia and Herzegovina
♦ The Silver Wedding
♦ Stephanie of Belgium
♦ Katharina Schratt
♦ Death of the Crown Prince Rudolf
♦ Anna Nahowski, Née Nowak
♦ Court Ball in Vienna
♦ The Assassination of the Empress
♦ The Most Royal Imperial Hunt
♦ Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Chotek
♦ Summer Idyll at Ischl
♦ King Edward VII at Ischl
♦ The Diamond Jubilee
♦ The Annexation of Bosnia
♦ The Emperor’s 80th Birthday
♦ Sarajevo and the Great War
♦ The Death of the Emperor
♦ Sources

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