Empress of Austria
With many colour illustrations
  • 15 x 21 cm, 104 pages
  • paperback with flaps, embossed in gold, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-778-5
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Austria in 1854: The young Bavarian Duchess Elisabeth takes the hand of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph in marriage in the festively decorated Augustiner Church in Vienna – amid the rejoicing of the people, “Sisi”, the child of nature, becomes the Empress of Austria. This fairytale beginning is soon darkened by deep shadows. When the golden cage becomes too restrictive, Elisabeth flees from the constraints of court and travels wist­fully through distant countries – always searching for true happiness. The powerful language of Karl Tschuppik’s texts on the life of the Empress Elisabeth still cannot be equalled and it recreates the splendour and the tragedy of the monarchy.

Contents Contents

♦ Chronology
♦ Foreword
♦ The Authority at the Viennese Court – the Archduchess Sophie
♦ Emperor Franz Joseph Looking Out for a Wife
♦ Elisabeth’s Roots
♦ Farewell to Childhood: The Betrothal at Bad Ischl
♦ On the Bridal Ship to Vienna
♦ Marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I
♦ First Conflict at the Imperial Court
♦ The Nervous Wait for an Heir
♦ Crown Prince Rudolf
♦ Flight from the Constraints of Court
♦ A Travelling Life, Love of the Sea
♦ The Coronation in Hungary
♦ Friends and Foes in the Court Network
♦ Elisabeth’s Eccentricities
♦ The Silver Wedding
♦ Heine and Schopenhauer in the Lonely Hermes Villa
♦ The Suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf
♦ The Achilleion Palace on Corfu
♦ A Confidante for the Emperor: Katharina Schratt
♦ To Hungary for the Millennial Celebrations
♦ The Death of her Sister Sophie
♦ Final Erratic Journeys
♦ Elisabeth’s Death

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