Aber Arzt bin ich geblieben
Aber Arzt bin ich geblieben

Aber Arzt bin ich geblieben

Bilder aus dem Leben Hans Kloepfers
With colour illustrations throughout
  • 19,5 x 26 cm, 320 pages
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  • ISBN 978-3-89919-500-2
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This biography follows in the footsteps of Styrian poet Dr Hans Kloepfer, whose poems such as Dahoam, Da Ruß and Spätherbst are firmly embedded in the cultural history of his region. Yet he was more than a poet: as a historian he wrote with a touch of poetic tartness, and he was a storyteller who created moving prose works. He gained an honorary doctorate from the University of Graz and was given the freedom of many cities, yet he was on equal terms with high society and cottagers or miners out in the sticks. Despite growing recognition for his poetry, his main aim was to continue working as a doctor for as long as possible. For over fifty years he practised as a GP to the poor and the factory workers. He seemed to work unceasingly, hurrying from seeing forty patients or more in his surgery to carry out dozens of home visits, often many hours away on snowy winter’s nights. This lavishly illustrated portrait conjures up the highs and lows of this doctor-poet’s life. It also includes the trials and tribulations that he suffered as the Nazi movement came to the fore. The writing is characterised by academic precision yet free from hagiographical glorification as the author depicts Kloepfer’s life as a doctor, thus filling a gap in the literature on the history of medicine.