Das Goldene Gäßchen
Das Goldene Gäßchen

Das Goldene Gäßchen

Museumsführer durch das Goldmachergäßchen
  • 14,5 x 20 cm, 88 pages
  • hardback, thread-stitching, ribbon
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-680-1
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A museum guide to the Goldmakers’ Lane featuring rare images, background information and a wealth of details.

According to legend, the Goldmakers’ Lane was once home to Emperor Rudolph II’s alchemists and sorcerers. The author takes a deep breath and blows away the dust of 500 years of myth to reveal the true colours of this picturesque place in a lavishly illustrated portrait of one of the most fascinating spots in ancient Prague. We see the castle marksmen march up in their red uniforms, meet the famous soothsayer Madame de Thèbes, and linger as a guest of Franz Kafka, who lived in the Golden Lane for a while and wrote A Country Doctor here.

Contents Contents

♦ Introduction

♦ The Origins of the Golden Lane

♦ The Lane at the Time of Rudolph II

♦ Over the Centuries

♦ Golden Lane in the 20th Century

♦ The Emperor’s Alchemists

♦ The Red Corps of Gate Marksmen

♦ Descriptions of the Individual Houses

♦ The White Tower

♦ The Stag Moat

♦ The Supreme Burgrave’s House

♦ The Daliborka

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