With Pen and Scalpel
With Pen and Scalpel
Harald Salfellner (ed.)

With Pen and Scalpel

On the Borderlands between Literature and Medicine
With colour illustrations throughout
  • 21 x 26 cm, 404 pages
  • hardback, thread-stitching, dust jacket
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-167-7
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Two professions, two callings: there is a long and eminent list of doctors who have also been authors – not least among them being Friedrich Schiller, Georg Büchner and Arthur Schnitzler. The anthology With Pen and Scalpel recounts the life stories of some of the figures who bestrode the border between medicine and literature. Lavishly illustrated in colour throughout, the book invites specialists and non-medics alike to plunge into the fascinating world of writing doctors of the past.

Featuring pieces by Christina Althen, Marcel Bickel, Hartmut Binder, Hans-Jürgen Blenskens, Peter Michael Braunwarth, Peter Engel, Dietrich von Engelhardt, Winfried Freund, Erich Mertens, Roman Neugebauer, Ortrun Riha, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Gottfried Schütz, Alice Stašková, Florian Steger, Simone Trieder, Hedvig Ujvári und Ralf Vollmuth.