Maria Theresia
Maria Theresia

Maria Theresia

Eine Kaiserin in Wort und Bild
With many colour illustrations
  • 15 x 21 cm, 120 pages
  • paperback with flaps, embossed in gold, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-456-2
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Maria Theresa of Austria – a Baroque concerto grosso, a cantata of beauty, magnificence and imperial splendour. Juliana Weitlaner has been granted an audience with the empress and paints a delicately shaded portrait of this true Viennese woman, which includes the battle for her father’s legacy, the endless wars with Frederick of Prussia and the great reforms introduced later in her life. We catch glimpses in these pages of a dewy maiden, a loving wife and strict mother, and also of the prudish guardian of public morals in her black widow’s weeds. There are bright days in Schönbrunn Palace and dark hours at the Hofburg as Maria Theresa extends a gracious hand to us as the greatly acclaimed ruler, the greatly tried human creature and the greatly loved mother of the nation.

Contents Contents

♦ The Last of his House
♦ The Pragmatic Sanction
♦ Birth and Baptism of a Princess
♦ A Baroque World
♦ An Archduchess’s Girlhood
♦ Wedding Day and Young Marriage
♦ On a Precarious Throne
♦ Hungarians’ Life and Blood
♦ Triumph in Prague
♦ Bright Hours
♦ Francis Stephen Elected Emperor
♦ The End of the Silesian Wars
♦ Peace
♦ Reformers at Maria Theresa’s Courts
♦ The Great Administrative Reform
♦ Finances
♦ Losers Take Arms
♦ The Chastity Commission
♦ The Seven Years’ War
♦ The Austrian Military Order of Maria Theresa
♦ Isabella von Bourbon-Parma
♦ Mozart on the Empress’s Lap
♦ Death of Emperor Francis
♦ Doctor Gerard van Swieten
♦ Joint Rule with her Son
♦ Inoculations at Schloss Hetzendorf
♦ Proclamation at the Burgtheater
♦ Schönbrunn
♦ Letters to her Children
♦ Acquisition of Galicia
♦ Education
♦ The Peasantry
♦ The Autumn of Life
♦ Death of the Empress

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