Harald Salfellner (ed.)


Sein Leben in Wort und Bild
With many colour illustrations
  • 15 x 21 cm, 80 pages
  • paperback with flaps, embossed in gold, thread-stitching
  • ISBN 978-3-89919-373-2
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On a cold January night in 1756, a child is born in Salzburg’s Getreidegasse: his name is to become known across the world: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As a young boy, he delights audiences from among the noble families of Europe; as a grown man in the imperial city of Vienna, he battles for his livelihood as an independent musician and composer – leaving behind an eternal musical treasure house. This book shows us Mozart’s life by means of classical biographies and numerous illustrations, and leads us into a world in which magic flutes and money troubles go hand in hand.

Contents Contents

♦ A Child Prodigy is Born
♦ With Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna
♦ On a Concert Tour to Paris and London
♦ No Good Fortune on the Journey to Vienna
♦ To the Land of Music: Mozart’s Italian Journeys
♦ Flight from Restrictive Salzburg
♦ Travels with Mother
♦ First Love in the Music City of Mannheim
♦ Difficult Times in Paris
♦ Return by a Roundabout Route
♦ An Opera for Carnival: Idomeneo
♦ The Final Break with the Archbishop
♦ The Woman for Life: Constanze
♦ Mozart’s Children
♦ Friends, Patrons, Freemasons
♦ The Marriage of Figaro
♦ An Opera for Prague: Don Giovanni
♦ Years of Hardship
♦ Between The Magic Flute, Requiem and Clemenza
♦ Mozart’s Death
♦ Resonance